Windows 7 Laptop built in webcams Try this site for 64 bit driver


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Hi guys
Some laptops have a "Built in " webcam which Windows XP reports as "Generic USD 2.0 Camera device" or similar.

To get this to work on W7 download the driver on the German site Link Removed - Invalid URL and select the J13S laptop (I know most of you -- including me don't have this laptop) but the driver for the webcam seems to be a "generic" version that has worked on 3 different laptops I've seen (and includes the application software for it).

The Camera device is actually a Gensyslogic USB 2.0 PC camera.

It will also install an application on the desktop called AMCap. Double click on the application and you should start seeing your hideous faces in the box :) -- you can capture and send images.

Works on W7 X-64 a and W7 X-32 -- just select the correct version when you install. (Also works on XP pro 64 bit version)