Laptop Crash or Windows 7 Support Issue??

So recently I've obtained a Free laptop from my uncle because he upgraded to a new one. He gave it to me be and said it has been crashed for 3 months. Of course I didn't believe him since I'm the computer Wiz not him. Anyways, I booted it up to Windows 7 and after 2 days it started doing "Startup Repair" every time I rebooted and when I finally got rid of that it would reboot to Chk Disk and It was impossible to reboot to Windows Desktop. I tried everything! Forums, Safe Boot, Task manager in Command Prompt and Everything! I finally decided since the Chk disk kept trying to fix errors that it was a hard-drive problem. So I used "DBAN" and Wiped my hard-drive with a "7 Pass" setting. It worked!!! The hardrive was clean so I insterted Windows 7 "Ultimate 32 bit" and reinstalled everything and TADA!!!! It worked Amazingly, but after one week, windows started giving me wierd errors saying "Windows has detected a hard disk problem, backup filed immediatly" so I ignored it, 5 days later Windows 7 wouldn't boot up again and started going to "Startup Repair" and Chk Disk every boot and I had the same problem, then one time I finally got to the desktop in safe mode, but instantly the Blue Screen of Death popped on and It said something about Disk Failure.... So my question is... Do I just need to buy a new laptop?, Install Windows Xp or Vista and Screw 7? Or just buy a good NEW hardrive? I don't want to waste anymore money and time... Is this problem Common? Thanks...


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dban only clears the error files not the bad sectors themselves, so sooner or when the index reaches a certain number of errors BSOD. New HD would probably cure it


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Agreed - dban merely makes previously stored data irretrievable. It does nothing to repair a disk. Have you let chkdsk complete it's analysis? Note on large drives, that can take many hours, even more than a day.

So... Is there NO software that will recover bad sectors and "index"? And no, I haven't tried to let Disk Check run all the way through... I always got pissed at hour 16! :) So I will try that and let it run for a few days? It's a 100 gb hardrive, so maybe? I'll let you guys know what's going on after I'm done.


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Well, I don't know what you mean by index but chkdsk will recover bad sectors, if they are recoverable. If not, or if it finds new bad sectors, it will mark them as bad. The fact it was taking so long suggests your disk has problems. And note the option in Error checking to "scan for and attempt recover of bad sectors" and make sure it is checked. This is the same as running chkdsk /r (note the space before the /r) from the command prompt.

An alternative to chkdsk is to run the diagnostics for your specific brand of disk, as obtained from your disk maker's website.

Yep agreed, Spinrite is amazing but its not free.

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