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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by essential, Feb 3, 2012.

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    In general I use my laptop in one place, so I use external keyboard and monitor. Most of my stuff I do only on external monitor, but when i work (code and stuff) I like using both monitors (external as main + laptop monitor as secondary).

    The problem is with switching between views. All I do is open laptop if I wanna use both monitors and close it if I don't need external. I have two problems:

    1. After doing this operation (either open or close) windows will freeze for like almost 2 seconds before "adding" extra monitor - which is annoying, but i can get used to it.

    2. I use my external monitor as default ALWAYS. But during this 'switching time' all applications which are set up to 'full screen' are changed to be 'still fullscreen' but smaller, like maybe 1-2 pixels smaller, and this is really annoying. To make it 'real fullscreen' again i have to switch it to smaller window - and maximalize again.
    I hope You understand what I'm saying.

    I really have problem with fixing at least second problem. I would be happy with the way it was in windows XP - so "laptop-monitor" is always reachable for applications - even when it's not active.

    I have windows 7 x64
    Nvidia optimus with Nvidia gt540m and intel card graphic

    setting default GPU to Nvidia or intel doesn't affect the problem
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    Do you know how the switch for the lid is set to operate? Does it make a difference as to whether the system is running on battery?

    Many laptops have a function key to select different video outputs. If you have that, maybe it would work better than closing the lid.

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