Laptop keyboard problem


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since I switched to win 7 on my Toshiba Satellite (P305 S8844) I've been having this strange problem:
my keyboard stops responding at random moments, when I start windows it works, and after some time it just "disables"

this is a build in laptop keyboard (not usb)
this never happened on vista
keyboard always works fine on Linux installed on another partition as well as in bios and the bootloader
drivers look like they're okay (reinstalled them, didn't help)
this may be coincidence but it started after I installed Heroes of Might and Magic V (now it's removed and the problem remained)

help please - this is really frustrating! :mad:

Probably a driver problem. maybe there are new win 7 drivers.. maybe you can roll back to the old ones.


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Yep. Sounds like a drive issue. Search around on the Toshiba website for Vista Driver though it's unlikely they have keyboard drivers, try installing a Chipset driver.


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thanks :) I did a new install (because of some other issues) and the problem seems to be gone, but in case it returns, I'm gonna do what you say

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