Windows 7 Laptop looses network connectivity after sleep


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Mar 15, 2009
I have installed build 7127 on my laptop and everytime I start the laptop from sleep mode the network doesnt seem to reconnect. I have to restart the PC to get the network.

It happens on the inbuilt network card as well as the wireless. The PC is a Dell D620.

any ideas??
This may help:

Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network & Sharing Center > Change adapter settings (in the left pane), right-click on the connection you‘re using > Properties > Networking Tab. Now remove the tick from the IPv6 box. If it makes no difference or causes problems it is completely reversible by ticking the box.

Also, click the Windows Orb (Start), type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. Expand Network Adapters > double-click the wireless adapter > Power Management Tab and make sure the check box is cleared against ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device……’.
That's a very good answer BurrWalnut:)

To learn more about power related to laptops, go to Start, Help and Support and type in laptop power.
I tried the ipv6 option (unticked) and then put the computer to sleep and on resume it failed to connect to the network on the onbaord nic. :frown:

Any other ideas?
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