Laptop not identifying GPU

Hi there.

I recently (~6 months ago) bought a new laptop. An HP Compaq 6735b to be more exact. I have been running Windows 7 32-bit until lately where I decided to buy another 2Gb of RAM. I now had 4Gb ram in total and didnt see any reason why not to use the 64-bit version of Windows 7. (we get these windows versions from school through MSDNAA)

However, Catalyst Control Center (CCC) is NOT identifying my GPU now. Whenever I try to start CCC I get the following error message:
"Unable to Start ATI Catalyst™ Control Center because the active GPU is not supported"

Please note that I did NOT have this issue when running 32-bit. I have installed drivers accordingly to instructions from HPs suppoort-pages, but I'm now running out of ideas on how to fix this.
I should point out that graphics intense things such as high-definition movies, games etc is working great. So it is not a drive issue. Also worked without any issues at all on the 32-bit version so I've assumed that this is NOT a hardware related issue.

Please help me! ;)

Sidenote: My laptop has become VERY noisy since I changed to Windows 7 64-bit, is this somehow related to my problem? I'm talking about the fan making so much noise I cannot have it turned on during a lecture (classroom fills ~350 persons). Sometimes its not even warm when the fan starts going. I know there's supposed to be a "heating solution" under energy-options -> Energysaving functions for the processor -> Cooling principals for the computer. This is not working if the fan is already doing its thing. (might not be the exact words since my version of windows is in Swedish, and I've translated this)

I must also apologize for my English. I'm not a native speaker. I hope I've made myself understood!

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