Laptop not visible as Home Group member after stand-by

I have a desktop PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 and an Asus Eee 1005HA netbook running Window 7 Starter. Desktop is connected via cable to Linksys W54G, netbook has wireless connection. I created a Home Group on the desktop PC and made the netbook member of it. So far so good, both computers can see eachother, file sharing and transfer between them works fine. But when I re-open my netbook after it having been closed for a short while (and in sleep/stand-by/hibernate mode), my netbook is not visible in the Home Group on my desktop pc anymore. I can still see and access it in the "Network" section but it does not appear as a member of the Home Group until a full restart.

Does anyone know this problem and has a solution for it? Thanks.

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