Laptop random shutdown in win 7

Hi guys, this is my first time posting in this thread. Recently friend of mine asked me to check his laptop for random shutdown cause. His laptop model is Dell Studio 1555 and the specs are
Dell Studio 15 (1555) Review
Ok, so this is his problem. He told me sometime when he using his laptop to view photos with Windows Photo Viewer, his laptop will auto shutdown after a while. Things like watch movie, listen to radio/music will never force the laptop to auto shutdown. I have checked the temperature for CPU and GPU and both temperature are normal (40-55 degree Celsius). And I also did scan the windows with Kaspersky, but found no virus. And yes, the fan is spinning.

When I tried to reformat for him, there's one auto shutdown I encountered before the laptop could finish all the process and get ready for "First Time Startup". And I also encountered quite a lot of time during transfer his data into external hard disk. So, I was thinking it might be hard disk problem. Anyone can please confirm with me?



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