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    I want to say what I'm looking for in a laptop and get input from the W7 community on what I should buy. I'm not that brand specific, but usually I buy from Dell.

    I already have a home laptop, and it's sure to stay home even though I know it's meant to be portable, but I want it to be home-exclusive.

    Now I want a laptop mainly for college, since I'm going to be there for a few more years. This laptop could also be work-related, if I get a job that requires the use of a laptop. Some occupations even provide you with them, but I'm guessing not all. This laptop would then be for that, but mainly like I said, for college.

    If it helps, I'm an Information Systems major, which is pretty much business but focuses on using computers.

    I'm not sure what kind to get, a "home" or "business" laptop. I'd prefer something about 15" screen-wize. Aspect ratio isn't a big concern since I'd imagine widescreen and fullscreen makes no difference when you're not using it for entertainment and for school/work instead. Widescreen you'd want on a home entertainment laptop for watching things. I also think 4:3 is the usual business display. So you could say I'm stuck between a home and business laptop. Only reason being, I notice a trend where a home laptop is the usual choice for a back-to-school or college laptop. I see that people combine their activities into one home laptop and making it multi-purpose, as in, they would use it for watching movies, playing games, and at the same time, learning and using it in school. I personally want to keep them separate and not be carrying my home laptop all over the place, despite the higher cost. I pretty much see it as my home TV and gaming consoles in a way.

    Thanks for any help.
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    The only problem with laptops as I'm sure your well aware of, is the upgrade ability. That being said the bottom line is how much money do you want to spend.
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    Just to add to to Jim's post, like he said 'how much do you want to spend'?

    A lappie configured for gaming is going to be way more expensive than one that is not. Sometimes eye-wateringly so... You would be best organising some sort of budget and then seeing what is available in that price range. If money is no object then you don't really need our advice.. :)
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    I would go with the Dell XPS 15z (on sale now). It runs Sandy Bridge, is fairly cheap, and is future proofed with eSATA and USB3. Good size and enough RAM. SSD upgrade improves it significantly and it also has dedicated graphics.
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    As a working tech that's expected to install and maintain what my customers buy, I always suggest "Toshiba", whatever model you can afford. There are many to choose from.

    If money is no object and you want a top-O-the-Line gamer, take a look at
    custom gaming laptops - Welcome to Sager Notebooks

    Then from the front page, click on "Products".

    Several of my more well-to-due customers have bought Sager Notebooks and they really love them.
    If I had the money, I'd have one myself. As it is, I only have an Acer One Netbook.

    Happy Shopping,
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