Laptop Screen Broken - How to disable


My laptop screen is broken. I can't see anything through it. However I am able to connect it to my tv, and it works through it. I plan on using it as a media player now.

The problem is that I can only get it to work with the laptop lid closed. As soon as I open the laptop lid, it reverts to my laptop as primary screen, and I can't see anything through the tv. You may say why don't you just keep the lid down, the problem is that I need the lid to access the keyboard.

So how do I disable my laptop screen, and essentially use the laptop as desktop PC? Is there a way to change my primary and only screen my tv? Is there way to trick Windows into thinking my laptop lid is always closed?


When you have it connected to the TV...look in the notification area at the bottom right and click on the triangle. In there you should see the connection to the TV, right click on that and set it to primary.

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