Laptop Screen + TV Issue

Hello to anyone who reads this. I am new to the Windows 7 Forums, and have been searching all over for an answer for a while now but I have had no luck, but maybe someone here can help me.

I have an "HP Pavilion dv6744ca" laptop, and am currently connected to a TV through an S-Video cable. It runs fine and what not, but when I close the lid the monitor turns off. Now the monitor turning off is not a big issue but when the laptop's monitor goes off the TV becomes the default (and only) monitor for the laptop. Now the TV I have hooked up is an old fat one, CRT I think they are called (not sure if TVs are called that like monitors are...) anyways so the resolution is much lower then my laptop monitor, so when I open my lid, 2 (sometimes more) things have happened:

1. All my icons are scattered all over the place as the resizing of the default monitor has moved them so they fit.

2. All my windows have been resized ridiculously small, and any that were on the TV are now on the laptop monitor.

Also, if I have a movie running in full screen on the TV its now full screen on the laptop, and I have to exit out and restart the video to have it display full screen on the TV once again.

so basicly, every time I close my laptop lid, I have to resize and reorganize everything. Now before you make a comment...I know I can just disable the TV before shutting the lid, but that would get very annoying and troublesome, plus then I'd still have to reopen the video and set it to where I was in it previously, which just gets bothersome after a while.

So I was wondering if there was a way around it. Some way to let the monitor shut off but not let the TV take full control afterwords.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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