Laptop Shutting down after 10min in a game after windows updates

i put this post in hardware by mistake so putting it here too.

i have an Acer Aspire 8930 laptop,
it has been running smoothly since december 08, however a week ago some new windows updates came out and i installed them, i play wow online and have been since i got laptop and have never had a prob playing it, i play for something like 7 hours a day, yes excessive but its addictive, and i always play in windowed mode with my desktop in 1680x945 with wow running in 1365xetc, and playing for 7 hours straight so i know its not an overheating problem before i get that answer off anyone,
back to the problem, after updates my laptop shuts down without warning after about 10mins in game, after 3 days of this i got angry and called acer support who were great and explained everything i could do before i had to send it back, so after a few minor changes nothing changed it still did it, so i did an acer boot recovery, which formats my hdd and reinstalls windows and everything back to factory defaults, hey presto my laptop was working again and i could finally hit another lvl in wow(i know im sad), so for 2 days i was back to normal doing everything i used to, then this morning windows told me it had 3 inportant updates to do,
so i let it do the updates, restarted and then started playing guessed it 10mins and my laptop shut down, the updates it did this morning were....

* Update for windows vista (KB940510)
*Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework family Update (KB951847) x86
*Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - Febuary 2009 (KB890830)

Specs for laptop are...

Intel core 2 duo P7350
Nvidia geforce 9600M GT 512mb
4gb DDR3
320gb hdd
blu-ray disc
fingerprint reader

Any decent ideas are welcome, im at the end of my tether



PS plz dont say anything about overheating that is not a prob for me thanks

did a system restore seems to have sorted the problem out, also turned off windows updates so it doesnt happen again


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Sorry Digi I totally missed your post...

Glad to see you got a fix, any further problems please post back...:)

well i thought it had fixed it, however now its doing it again, ive reverted back 2 whole days now, time will tell wether or not its worked but any feed back would be appreciated

its still doing it, and im losing my temper now, ive done restores and the works apart from reinstalling btu i really dont want to go through that again

just found out the problem spoke to a friend that works for pc world, he says on acers and sony laptops nvidia did a bad batch of gfx cards and they burn out really quick, so if anyone is having these problems contact you laptop makers and send it back for repairs, hope this helps others

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