Laptop Unresponsive Mouse Problem

Hi, I have a problem with my computer mouse. I am asking this on this forum even though I'm sure there are similar cases like this, mine is too specific to search for.

The mouse that I'm using suddenly stopped responding when I was watching a video. The mouse was connected and showed me this because it emitted light. I plugged the mouse to another port and it still didn't work. I tried it on all of them and it still didn't work. Thinking that the mouse was faulty, I replaced it with another mouse which I knew for a fact worked. Unfortunately, that mouse did not work either on any of my ports. So then I was convinced that this was a computer problem and not my mouse's problem. I asked my friend for help and he suggested to me that I hard reset my computer. So I did and I plugged my mouse back in. It worked for a while but then it stopped working. So I'm asking anyone on what my problem is and how should I solve it. I'm fearing that some part of my computer was fried.

Thank you, and please, no generic greetings. :confused:

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