Laptop Will NOT Boot Up :(

I just ran the MSE offline virus cleaner and now when i try to start the computer, it get to a black screen with a little text bar blinking. it DOES NOT boot up, it just sits there blinking.

It seems like I just keep getting more and more viruses even though I have MSE.

Can anybody help?

apparently i have no operating system on my laptop even though yesterday i had windows7 home premium......

Joe S

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Do you have an install disk? If so try booting from it and run startup repair.

I wish i did.....


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Try the usual F8 and a known working restore point.


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If you have access to another computer download a Windows 7 install disk as an .iso file.

At the same time you can download and create a Ubuntu disk, that will boot your computer and let you backup your important files if you have to reinstall your OS.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

Here are instructions...

Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

Here's a download for Ubuntu...

Download | Ubuntu

The Ubuntu disk will boot your computer from the disk without having to install it.
It will boot your computer with an internet connection and a browser.

Make a bootable disk using ImageBurn...

The Official ImgBurn Website


Hi Mike,

I am downloading ubuntu and the W7 ISO files.
with the Ubuntu will i be able to recover needed files and then reformat using the W7 ISO?

Joe S

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The Ubuntu and other Linux versions frequently works unless the actual files are corrupt. when you burn the ISO to disk use a soeed of 4X max


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Yes Ubuntu will let you access everything on your computer, and copy it to an external drive or disk, or another partition on you computer if you have one.

If you have an external drive I'd use that.

If you don't and live close to someplace you can buy one I'd get one.
They are very inexpensive now.

It will give you a place to store disk images and once you have your computer back up and running you can copy your files back to your computer and leave then on the external drive too.

I'm a fanatic, I have 4 of them, and at least 2 copies of everything, but I have files going back almost 20 years.

Once that's done you can chose Custom Install and it will install a whole new copy of Windows and remove all the old files.
It will probably save them in a folder names Windows Old, but you can't bet your files on it.

Once everything is up and running the folder can be deleted.

Personally I use ImageBurn to make the install disks from .ISO files.
Make sure that you get the same version of Windows that you have a serial number for.
And burn the disks at the slowest speed you can, less chance of errors.


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I had windows 7 Home premium 64bit, and that is what I selected for the W7 iso.

I just tried the install with a dvd that burned within 3 minutes, and the (Custom Install) gave me an error and nothing really worked.
and i burned another dvd at 2x and it took like 10 minutes, same result.

" Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100"

DVD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia look at the write times... DVD 4.7 gb 2x = 28 minutes
Perhaps you might right click that .iso file and see what it says for bytes.
Sounds like you didnt get the full file downloaded.
looks like they are 3.09gb total *66% of full size at 2x should be about a 15 min burn.

The DVD's are 1-16x speed | 4.7GB

and the .iso is only 3.09GB


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Check out these instructions....

How-to: Burn your Windows 7 .ISO to DVD disc | ZDNet

I don't think that it's taking a normal amount of time to write the disk, it should take around 10 to 15 minutes to write it but you have to verify it too.
It takes about twice as long as to just write it. You shouldn't be burning it at more then 4x speed.

I would think at a minimum it would take 25 minutes or so.

I can't really remember, it's been a while since I did it.


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Yes, I burned one DVD with 2x speed and it took a while to verify but i made sure that it did. and it still gives me an error when I hit custom install.

Joe S

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Something else laptops often need specific drivers that aren't on the Windows install disk. Check your manufacturer's site.

I had every driver for my laptop, it just wont boot up into windows, i can get the ubuntu to start and i can get all my files perfectly. could i just install ubuntu and still run most of my needed programs like the Adobe collection and Maxon Cinema4D?

If it were mine, I would go find a friend or head to office depot and ask permission ..
Make a System Repair Disc, from control panels Backup and Restore.. on any computer with matching win7 64bit

Boot from that DVD
Run StartUp Repair 3 times without letting it boot back into windows between each run - 1st time you run it it may take 20 or 30 min, but 2nd and 3rd times its just a minute or so. It will check and repair more things each time apparently and at the end of the third time it will correctly, in windows style, rebuild your mbr / partition tables. I think it even will run SFC... but if you still cant boot... Run SFC /offline.. pay attention to paths, its not normal computer paths when booting from dvd.


I have just installed Ubuntu and just formatted the entire hard drive. I already know that most of the applications I use are not able to run in Ubuntu, but ive found an application called "wineHQ" and it lets you run most windows programs inside Ubuntu.

I just have one more question, could I try to install W7 and it work since my hard drive has been completely wiped clean?


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If you can partition you hard drive in Ubuntu (I've never tried to do that) create a 100 GB partition and then try and install Windows 7 in that leaving Ubuntu in place.

If it installs it will automatically create a dual boot setup.

When I get retail Windows 8 installed and remove Windows 7 I'm going to dual boot with Ubuntu.

I'll check out WineHQ, I like Ubuntu but as you discovered it's very hard to get most software to run in it.


I have yet to find a way to partition in Ubuntu, but I WILL have W7 working TONIGHT!

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