Laptop with windows 7 not starting and showing repair the system(recommended) message but repairing

Hi to All,
i have installed windows 7 home premium in my acer laptop and for 3 days its not starting as it shows the options repair and start window normally option but both are not working. I have only one drive in my laptop and all the files and Os is in the same drive and i donot want to installl fresh copy of OS as it will delete my files and datas.And i want all my files and datas as it is. So i need some suggesstions to this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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Does it give you the option to use a Restoration Point, when the Repair has run for a while? Or doesn't the Repair start at all? If it gives the Restoration Point option, use it.

You could try:

- Pressing / tapping the F8 key when the computer starts, will normally give you the option to enter Safe Mode. The tapping / pressing varies from computer to computer, so if nothing happens or something goes wrong, restart, and try again. If you get to Safe Mode, go to Control Panel\System and Security\System\System Protection\System Restore and choose a point to restore to.

- If you have a Repair disc, you may use that. If you don't, I have the picture that any Windows 7 Repair disc will do BUT YOU should perhaps wait that someone wiser verifies this.

- To get unorthodox, just plainly start, start... start... If it doesn't wake up after 50 restarts, it probably won't wake up. I have a friend who restarted more than 30 times and finally... success. After that the computer worked fine. Sometimes The computer works in mysterious ways.

Hope you get it running.

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yeah i have used a repair disc and its not working and the it doesnot gives any restoration point. But i have not tried the restarting method as you told me. And in safe mode also it doesnot starts.


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Do you have warranty left for your computer? If you have, take it to the seller. The only thing I can reason is that you have a severe hardware problem, it could be memories, or battery, or CPU... or practically anything.

And, sometimes gear just break down. I'm sorry I can't give straight answers. Still hoping you get it running.

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