Laptop won't hold a connection

Hello all..

Having some issues here. Just upgraded a week old laptop from vista premium 64 bit home edition to windows seven home 64 bit edition. Had no real issues with vista, none at all pertaining to internet connections. Windows 7 seems to be a different story. Doesn't matter if I try wireless or LAN connections, it will randomly connect and disconnect. No apparent trigger on my end. This is incredibly frustrating and would appreciate any input available.

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Thank you for the welcome and quick response.
I did as you suggested and unfortunately have no good news to report, the same problem persists.

My routers help desk has me on hold. For about 45 minutes now. The modem is a "Motorola SB5101 Surfboard. The router is a D-Link DiR-655 Xtreme N Wireless-N Gigabit Broadband Router.

Still on hold, but. Connection is stable when connected directly to the modem.

No help there. The only thing I can figure is that it's a problem with my router, since its fine when connected straight to the modem

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