Laptops drop or cant connect to network netbook can plz help

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    Like the title says our home network is aparantly running fine via wifi but the laptops in our house hold are having issues. First all we have called in a technician to solve this issue before but it was temporary. the desktop the modem is directly connected to says it has a connection of 100mbps and laptops that cannot connect to internet say 48-54mbps. The laptops run Windows 7 home premium and windows 7 ultimate. Desktop runs vista netbook runs win 7 starter. the netbook when connected says 18mbps and runs fine smoth and quick on the web but the laptops can take up to an hour just to download a few kilobytes and its rediculous that it takes me 5minutes to have a 50% chance to load google homepage. There are times when it will randomly jump in connectivity IE the page loads right away likeit should. I have run cmd as admin and run ping to get varying results. i have had as good as 52ms and as worse as either 1700ms with 75% loss and to the point of 100% loss in a space of the few minutes it took me to run it. I have run spyware doctor malwarebytes norton and avira antivirus to find a few things but that is all and have them repaired. This has not fixed our issue and would like any help or advice because this is only a recent issue and it still runs perfectly normal on the netbook D: thanks in advance'

    now when i ping on laptop i get and average of 22ms with 2 bars of connectivity however when i try to connect to internet i get this website is currently unavailabe. when i tried to ping -f -l 1472 it said it could not fin d hostr etc D: please help
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