Large screen, how to reduce?

Hi, i need some help and hopefully i am at the right place.

I resently bought a 15.6'' notebook with vista. Updated it to Windows 7 and the problem appeared. Sometimes, not always when starting the laptop the screen is larger, the icons are all massive and everything is massive. How can i set it to permanently fit the screen at its normal size? Please help! :confused:

kind regards


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Hey dude,

Have you tried going to the graphic card manufacture and downloading there driver?


no, i have not. i assume as it is a relatively new machine update is not required. But will try it. thanx


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I was told once to never assume as it makes an "ass" of "u" and "me" :)

another silly question, how do i download the latest graphic card and all the latest drivers? I mean, how do i know which one is the latest?


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Click Start and type device and choose "device manager" and see what the display section says. as regards to which one, the newest one normally :p


Cheers, will update all the drivers now:) Thank you buddy!

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