large tmp. files in C

Untitled g.jpg I've used disc analyze and it shows 4 tmp files that are 4gb in size and they are in C:\$Recycle.Bin\ and I would like to know what are they and if necessary how can I erase them bay the way my computer feels sluggish and my internet traffic is huge (it shouldn't be) so I was wondering does this has to do with it?Thank you in advance.

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Probably a leftover from an install. You can safely delete them. Even better, get a copy of ccleaner free from here:

CCleaner - Download

and use it to remove those and probably a lot more junk files from your system.

How can I do it manually? I can't afford this program(ccleaner) sorry.

Duh CC Cleaner is free, just look down below the paid version download from hippo com
CCleaner - Download

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