Largest home aquarium


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Jul 7, 2009
Exotic fish enthusiast Jack Heathcote owns the largest home fish tank in the country, which he has to dive in to clean out.


The salsa teacher from Nottingham was not happy with a simple goldfish bowl so instead splashed out on a massive tank, which he installed in his basement.

It cost Jack £5,000 to install the home aquarium in his five-bedroom house.

The tank measures 21m (7ft) deep in parts and is 4m (13ft) wide, it holds over 20,400 litres (4,500 gallons) of water.


The basement aquarium is home to several stingrays, a catfish, a 1.2m (4ft) alligator gar fish and two turtles, and is thought to be the largest home tank in Britain.

In order to clean the aquarium, which he does every fortnight, the 37-year-old has to dive in with his sponge.

Jack admits that he doesn’t own a TV as he prefers to watch his fish swimming about.

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OMG, this man is crazy. I don't really believe in it, I mean, that it's huge and the fish, that live there is huge as well. It's very interesting for me, how much does he spend money for electricity, feet, cleaning and maybe some devices. I see on the first photo a plant, is it single or there are others? I have read from ARCREEF, that there are some live rocks, that filter the water, it's like natural filters, I think, that they can really help him in cleaning the aquarium. Moreover, I would like to know, which fish live in his fish tank. Hope that it will be one more post with this information.
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