Last Week on Channel 9: March 2nd - March 8th, 2015

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    While I usually don't highlight Microsoft Virtual Academy series (Channel 9 hosts the videos for MVA), this week there were a couple that stood out, so...

    And remember, these are just a few of the many, many videos and posts from the past week. To browse them all please check out,

    TWC9: Surface Pro 3 & Lumia MWC Awards, GDC Xbox announcements, the Future of Gaming and more....

    This week on Channel 9, Nisha and guest host Robert Green discuss the week's top developer news, including;


    Episode 169: Azure Key Vault with Sumedh Barde

    In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Sumedh Barde, Program Manager on the Azure Security team. Sumedh joins us to talk about Azure Key Vault, a new technology for storing sensitive keys and secrets...

    Microsoft for Startups: (Part 4) Women Building the Future - An Interview with Jennifer Whaley & Jeff Everett from Pose a Pet

    In part 4 of our Microsoft for Startups series highlighting women lead startups, David Giard welcomes Jennifer Whaley and Jeff Everett from Pose a Pet. Tune in as they discuss Pose a Pet’s unique service offering as well as how they’ve leveraged Microsoft Azure to build their platform. ...

    Azure Machine Learning – An Overview of New Capabilities

    Azure Machine Learning (ML) has reached the GA milestone. Azure ML offers a streamlined experience for data scientists of all skill levels, from getting started with nothing but a browser window, to using drag and drop gestures and simple data flow graphs to set up experiments, to operationalizing an ML model ...

    Docker Machine to Azure Demo

    In Edge Show episode 138, see a demo of how Docker machine can provision to Azure and hear a little bit about the future of Docker client for Windows in this interview with Ahmet Alp Balkan, Software Engineer at Microsoft.


    Azure Search 101 - Getting started with Azure Search with Liam Cavanagh

    Scott talks to Azure Search Program Manager Liam Cavanagh. Azure offers Search-as-a-service for web and mobile apps! You can scale out easily and tune indices just the way your users want it. Liam explains ...

    Developing Games with Marmalade and C++ for Windows and Windows Phone: (01) Marmalade and Visual Studio Overview

    Find out what Marmalade C++ is, how to get set up, and how to access the necessary resources and built-in help. Plus, get an overview of what's new in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers.

    MEAN Stack Jump Start: (01) What is MEAN?

    Get an introduction to the various parts of the MEAN stack, and see how to set up your environment.

    Designing iOS apps inside Visual Studio with Xamarin

    This is the second of another four part series on building cross platform apps using Xamarin and C#. In this episode Robert is joined by James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin. James shows us the new Xamarin Designer ...

    .NET Foundations 2015-02-25

    This is a recording of .NET Foundations from February, 25th 2015. In this session we focused on our open source efforts: ...

    Ping 238: Microsoft Band update, experimental apps, Johnnie Walker gets smart

    Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

    Episode 4: Illyriad Games' James Niesewand, CEO and Founder

    Level Up is a show devoted to game development. Each show will recap current news and events in gaming, deep dive with a game industry insider, and cover tips for programming or finding resources to help you with game construction. ...

    Countdown to Ignite: The One About The Session Catalog Update

    This week's Countdown to Microsoft Ignite is all about answers to your top questions, how to join the conversation on the Forums and social media, and how to make connections—with your peers in the industry, and with Ignite speakers! ...

    Monthly Catch-up: S79 with special co-host David Starr

    In this short show, we go take a look at the current and future sprints, and talk to David Starr. ...

    Defrag Tools #127 - Internet Explorer F12 Developer Tools - Part 2

    In this episode of Defrag Tools, David Stephens joins Andrew Richards to discuss the IE F12 Console, including some of the new features available in the Windows 10 Tech Preview. ...

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