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Windows 7 Latest updates uses handbrake


New Member
May 29, 2009
I have been running Win7 successfully until these last updates, on my older computer. I have lost the touchpad and the amount of Ram that my system can access has changed.

Now I know I am running less then recommended only 512MB but it has done the job running at about 80% which has now only using 65% and it is now slower than a turtle, I mainly use it as a slave computer, it does not have the ability to game or play DVD but will produce good video off the hard drive. The Touchpad is just laughing at me at the moment.

I am also still waiting for a video driver update on a PN800 so I can give it a good test run, and see what it can do. I orignially got this computer with XP and Win7 seems to be putting up a good benchmark to it using slightly more ram but well within the ability of my laptop

Fujistu-Siemens 1.5Ghz, FSB133, 512MB Ram. I am also running on a Toshiba P200 core2 duo and have not seen any problems although it is only sitting at 30%Ram used with 1 GB installed
Ok forget all about that I eventually managed to get the computer shutdown and it installed properly the second time, I am assuming that there was a problem with multiple restart to install the packages and on the second shut down it worked:D So to teach it a lesson I gave it a DVD (using VLC it is the only program that will run on the low powered computer) and got it to download a file and install it all at the same time not a problem, now if only I can get a graphic driver I would be close to giving a 9.5 for windows 7