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hello i have a LCT3285TA tv(a 32 inch scott tv made by aki) i have been using it as my monitor on windows vista, but after i upgraded to 7 the tv will only work if i have a actual monitor hooked up to it, in the nvidia panel it shows up under the correct name however under device manager it only shows generic pnp monitor. i have a geforce 8800 gs with 2 dvi ports, and it both tv and video card pass dhcp tests, any ideas?

also the screen size is incorrect it is to big for the tv, i go to adjust that and it simply goes back to the incorrect size


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Try uninstalling the NVIDIA control panel and using the built in Windows tools. You can easily tell if Windows software is the problem though, when the computer is booting if you see the OEM logo and the Windows 7 boot screen on the LCD TV and then it disappears, then its Windows, if not then its a hardware issue.