Windows 7 Leadteak PVR2000


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May 31, 2009

Anyone have this capture video card. I try install driver 32/64 Bit for vista or XP and nothing was right.

Maybe someone have trick or tip for me

Thank you in advance
Nobody have a tips for my problem.

My configuration

Amd duak core X2 5800
8 Go
3 x 500 Go

I hope someone have a tips for my problem

XP drivers will not work.

I've located a download directly from Leadtek but it's only for Vista 32-buit

here's the link, maybe the software might work:

Leadtek - We make dreams a reality

Hi Reghakr

Unfortunalety, the software doesn't work. It's not detect the the tuner card. I had tried every driver available on Leadteck web site + a another i found on another web site without result.

Thank for your help and excuse my english
You could always shoot them of an e-mail and see if they will provide support for Windows 7 at a later date.:)
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