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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by champamp, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    When Vista came out.....no LEAP protocol....months later, finally, a KB allowed Intel ProSet to show LEAP as a security protocol option (Windows6.0-KB932063-x86).

    Fast forward: Win 7 Beta....again, out of the box, no LEAP.....why not? WEP and No authentication are both options, and are low / lousy security to boot, just like LEAP....

    MANY institutions use crappy olde Cisco LEAP APs.......and will continue doing so.....

    In the meantime, this makes testing a real PITA for me.....

    Whine over. I missed the Feedback portion of the BETA, so I did post the question as well via their QnA forum.....we'll see.

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