Legacy drivers preventing hibernation & touchpad

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    hi there,

    i installed the xp drivers for my wireless keyboard and mouse from Trust.com

    once installed these devices seemed to prevent my windows 7 pc from now going into hibernation. all very well, i thought - but when i decided to stop using the devices now, and uninstalled them the pc still did not want to go into hibernation.

    Not only this, but my mouse touchpad will not work - this is for my wife's computer, an HP 530

    I tried to enable hibernation in the bios but got the following message:

    "The following items are preventing hibernation on the system.
    There are one or more legacy drivers installed on the system:

    i8042prt "

    I have verified that the programs have been removed, I have also removed the items from the registry...

    Still I cannot get the computer to hibernate or enable the touchpad? (I have installed the latest synaptics touchpad software too)

    Please help, many thanks! :p

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