Lenovo Laptop Will Not Boot

Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 OS. The laptop shut down while plugged in overnight. I have removed the battery and let it sit for hours to cool/reset. Upon power up, the hard drive light comes on for 2-3 seconds, then goes off. Sometimes the screen flickers white for another 2-3 seconds, but the OS never boots up. I have removed the hard drive and plugged it into another computer via a SATA cable. I was able to read data. The drive appears to be working. I ran Malware Bytes and it cleared off some suspect files (PUP.FunWebProducts and PUP.MyWebSearch). I have a log file to post if helpful. When I put the hard drive back into the laptop, I get the same result as before. I made a recovery disc on another Win 7 computer and attempted to boot the Lenovo from the disc, but still I get the same result. I have tried pressing F8 at start up, but still no joy. Is this a BIOS issue, failed HD controller, or something else?

Hello Brannok812,
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Have you tried using the AC power.
Are you getting any beeps during boot up and does it show the Lenovo logo (BIOS screen) or are you able to access the BIOS?
You may also want to try, with the laptop off and the AC cord unplugged from the laptop, remove the battery, then press & release (about 5-10 seconds) the power button, replace the battery (making sure it's securely plugged in) and then power up.
Also make sure the HHD is securely plugged in, since you did remove it.

Keep us posted

Thank you for your prompt response. I tried the actions above without any success. When the power button is pressed, the dvd drive spins, the hard drive light comes on for 2-3 seconds, then all is quiet (on the Western Front). No beeps, no blinking CAPS LOCK or NUM LOCK indicators. One try in 4 will get 2-3 seconds of white flickering on the display, but nothing legible shows up and then it is gone. The hard drive is good. I just managed to pull some data from it using an IDE to SATA cable to another computer. Oddly, when I view the hard drive as an external drive, three partitions show up, but the first drive letter is empty. The second has the usual data and the third looks like a recovery set. I get the same results with the battery in or with the battery out and only using the power supply. Really wishing I had a Model T crank to get her started. She just does not want to turn over. Any more recommendations?

Hello Brannok,

On most, if not all, retail laptops, the first partition, which should be normally hidden, is your Lenovo Recovery Partition.
If you can access the memory stick/s, remove it/them and with a pencil eraser, go over the contacts (both sides), replace making sure they're securely seated and see if that makes a difference.
Just to ease your mind a little,
The laptop shut down while plugged in overnight.
, should not have caused your issue.
I have a laptop that I leave plugged in all the time and has not caused an issue for the past 2 years.

One question that should have been asked at first is, what were you doing that the laptop shutdown, downloading, updating, do you normally leave it on all the time?


Thank you for all of the responses. I am still not able to boot, even from a flash drive. I took the back cover off to observe the fan operation. It spins for 2-3 seconds when the power is turned on, then stops, just as the hard drive indicator does. Coincidence or indicator of a problem beyond BIOS? The hard drive still functions when removed and connected via cable. I do not get any response when pressing F8, F11, or any other F key. It just refuses to boot, regardless of what I do. Any suggestions beyond scrapping it out for parts? I am truly frustrated at this point. I have resuscitated another laptop and a desktop so far this year, so this is not my first rodeo. Just can not seem to get this one figured out.

Were you ever able to fix your problem? The same thing is happening to my Lenovo laptop now.


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Used to be when someone had this type of problem,, to tell them to look in the dvd drive and remove the disc there.

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