lenovo w500 windows 7 bsod in kernel

I've just clean-installed win7 on my w500. Nothing installed but firefox, and the latest drivers from lenovo. So far (about half a day) I've gotten two BSODs. Looking at the dumps with bluescreenviewer, the only line with an address in the stack is the kernel. So now I'm out of ideas...

Dmp's attached.


Hey there, welcome.

1) Update SMI driver from Lenovo' site:

smiifx64 smiifx64.sys Mon May 12 05:01:13 2008
psadd psadd.sys Thu Aug 14 04:55:22 2008

2) Update Intel Gigabit ethernet driver from Lenovo's site:

e1y60x64 e1y60x64.sys Mon Aug 18 17:45:05 2008

3) Update Conexant modem drivers from Lenovo's site:

VSTAZL6 VSTAZL6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:53:42 2008
VSTDPV6 VSTDPV6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:57:45 2008
VSTCNXT6 VSTCNXT6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:52:22 2008

4) Update Lenovo Smart Card reader driver from Lenovo's site:

LenovoRd LenovoRd.sys Mon May 11 05:33:56 2009

Thanks for the quick response. Is your advice based on something specific from the crash dumps, or just general advice for errors of this type? I only ask because none of the devices listed are actually being used (with the exception of SMI, which I'm unfamiliar with... System Management Interrupt, maybe?)

Unfortunately, the lenovo support website for thinkpads seems to have disappeared. Never a cop around when you need one, I guess. System Update still seems to work, but shows no updates available for those items. Will have to wait for website to return.

Some additional info I should have given originally: this machine has been running XP 32-bit with no bsods for about 18 months. sfc shows no problems, windows memory checker shows no problems.

I'm unable to force a bsod - it just seems to happen randomly.

It's based on the fact that they need to be updated, as they are loaded in system memory. Actually using them or not does not mean anything whatsoever. They need to be updated.

Yep, wait for the site to function well then update all I've said and it will be fine.

Site is back. Here are the results:

Intel Gigabit ethernet driver - lenovo site lists this as "included with OS", so no driver for win7, other than microsoft one.
Conexant modem drivers - updated these
Smart Card reader driver - already up to date
SMI driver - not sure what this is. Nothing at the lenovo site is listed as an "SMI driver". Any ideas?

That Intel driver is ancient and needs to be updated. Go to Intel's website itself and update it from there.

This will update the card reader driver to March 12, 2010: Lenovo Support - SmartCard reader driver for Windows 7 (64-bit) - ThinkPad

Those SMI drivers are likely from the Power Management driver install, available here: Lenovo Support - Power Manager for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad

Thanks for checking it out. My understanding was that the "AMT" stuff was related to remote access, which is a capability I didn't want to enable for security's sake. I currently don't have any versions of that package installed, so I'm surprised that it contains a file that's on my system. If you found a reference to smiifx64.sys on the lenovo site, could you post it?

Thanks for the link. My fingerprint drivers are up to date, too. So out of the four, only the modem driver had an update available.

I did go through all the other drivers on the lenovo site, however, and found a couple that weren't the absolute newest new, including the ati graphics driver. Also updated the bios. I guess now all I can do is wait & see if the system remains stable (bleah).

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