Lenovo Z61t - Extended display problem Windows 7


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I have a z61t running Windows 7 Professional on BIOS 2.27. I have a problem that only occurs when I am connected to an external display. When I close the laptop lid, I want it to stay in the external display mode so that my desktop does not jump over to the external display.

This used to be a problem but BIOS version 2.23 took care of it. See description here of the old BIOS version:

(New) A design change that the screen is set to extended desktop mode with an external display and "When I close the lid of my portable computer" option in the power option is set to "Do nothing", and when the lid is closed;

  • (Old) The extended display mode is canceled and video output is switched to the external display only, so icons on the desktop will be moved.
  • (New) The extended display mode is kept and video output is not switched, so icons on the desktop are not moved.
Even though I am on the latest BIOS, this problem has resurfaced upon my installation of Windows 7. I am using the latest Intel graphics drivers and all Windows settings are correct (i.e., I have set the power settings so that no actions occur when I close the laptop lid). I have even tried to display the Transient MultiMonitor Manager (TMM) from the BIOS to no avail.

Does anyone know if there is a way to solve this without waiting for a new BIOS release from Lenovo? Who knows it that will ever show up!


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Now that Windows 7 is out in the wild a little longer, anyone else encounter this problem?

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