Windows 7 Lg ggw-h20l


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LG GGW-H20L not handled on Win 7 x64 works perfect in Xp Pro x64.

I have a split 500g drive with Xp on one partition and Win7 on the other. Using another SATA drive for file dumping, and LG using the 3rd and final SATA port on the Dell P490 I am using.

Device manager recognizes the drive sometimes, Ie: sometimes it just says CD-ROM. Either way it doesn't work. Talked to LG, said driver should be plug and play built into the OS. Firmware is the most recent. SATA is set to AHCI.

Dell Precision 490 2x 3ghz Xeon
8gig Ram
Seagate SATA II 500g C: XP/Win7 Partitions
Seagate SATA II 1000g D: Storage
LG GGW-H20L Not working
Panasonic DVD/RW IDE E:
nVidia Quadro FX3450
LG GGW-H20 Not working

I get the same problem with the released version of Windows 7. Device will not start. Latest firmware installed.

If I remove the device and detect changes; it then loads and does work but not for long and then I get the device will not start error again and have to do it all again if I want to use the drive.

Any suggestions?

I am using a Dell Precision 690 workstation with 4gb ram all latest bios and firmwares installed.


To get this to work under Windows 7 you need to tweak a BIOS setting to change from AHCI mode to ATA mode and then restart the computer. You load Windows 7 and it will ask you to restart again (because of the change).

This worked for me on a Dell Precision 690.:razz: