Windows 7 Libraries dissapeared after temp folder cleanout


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Mar 27, 2013
Hi all,

Im new to this forum but have often checked in as there is always great advice here!

I'm after some help creating new libraries. I was doing a clean out of temp folder and must have gone too far because not only did all my internet bookmarks go missing but all my libraries. I have just emptied them so its no huge panic, but they aren't accessible except though the user path.

Access is denied when trying to create a new library. I have treid going in and sharing them, with my own user profile, then the homegroup and the guest but this didn't help.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance
Hi twills,

have you considered trying system restore and going back to a time before the deletion?

Thanks for your response!

Would that also restore deleted files? I havent wiped the recycle bin in case what I need is somewhere in there, but I can't see the libraries in there.

Do you still have a master Library Folder.

If you do right click on it and see if you have the option "Restore Default Libraries".

Click on it and see if your libraries come back.


It also appears that you can click on the desktop icon in Windows Explorer and select Include in Library, Create New Library.
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