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Windows 8 Libraries?


New Member
May 3, 2012
I've had computers for over 20 years and I have always created my own folders, files, and build thousands of folders and sub folders and I’ve always created my own hierarchy and I’ve never used Libraries so after studying Windows 8 I’m wondering if I’m missing something by not using the Libraries?
Since the early releases, I have eliminated the libraries. They still exist on the OS, but are totally hidden. With my personal usage of computers, be it in a lan or further afield, is suffice for me and I could not grasp any real benefits from using the libraries ad a better choice.
Thanks for the reply because I'm reading a book with about a hundred pages on Libraries and I went through them pretty fast, then I though with this much info on libraries what am I missing and I think all that info is design for the beginner computer user.