Library Issues: Files visible via folder view, not visible in same location via Library view

So, if I access my files through C:/users/jjn/My Documents/whatever... I can see them and they are there, if I go through the library feature that 'says' it's looking in the same location some files are not there.

How do you reset or refresh or rehydrate the library so it sees what IS actually there?!?!?

It gets better... if I sort by name in the library is shows no files in a specific location, if I sort by folder everything is there?!?!?!

So, WTF?

Same problem here. Stuff won't show up on the library even after a refresh. Gets really frustrating when I need to insert a word doc that I just created into an email.


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Not sure why your documents are not shown. Does Word save the document to a folder included in the Library listing?

Any chance some sort of checking/scanning or anti-virus is involved?

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