Limit only specific functions of a user account


I am currently solving the following puzzles:

1) I need to restrict use of an account to certain hours, however it is greatly undesirable to limit any other function of the account (except, of course, the ability to change parental control settings).

2) I would like to be able to shut the computer down remotely over the internet without the user sitting at the computer being able to prevent it.

The reason is my boss and his son's computer. My boss wants to be able to specify the time at which his son can use the computer, but he doesn't want to limit the way he uses it.

So my solution to the 1st puzzle would be to set up parental control, which is easy. However, it only works for standard accounts that cannot install applications - and that is a problem that makes this solution unusable. Is there any way to have an administrator-like account that would only restrict the time of use and access to parental controls and nothing else?

2nd problem could be easily solved by TeamViewer (or other remote control software), but then I need to tell Windows to forbid unauthorized users to uninstall it or change firewall settings for it.

How can I satisfy my boss' requirements, please? 3rd party applications are welcome too if Windows settings alone are incapable of doing what I need. I should note that the computer is not (and will not be) a part of any domain, it is only part of a simple home network. The operating system is Windows 7 Professional.

Thank you for any and all replies.

P.S.: Sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm a newbie. The section seemed right to me.

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