Limited Access after software removal ----

Win 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Sometime ago I had to install ORACLE VIRTUALBOX to do some linux/debain work with UBUNTU. NOW I'm trying to restore my machine. When I uninstall the VIRTUALBOX the network quits working. All the network drivers show up in the device manager. I haven't seen any settings between the 'before' and 'after' driver settings. Yet when I connect to my wireless connector I get 'Limited Access', No internet when connected to my wireless cable modem. Further, running IPCONFIG /ALL only lists the bluetooth driver as present. The wireless and wired adapters are not listed. Yea, Sounds like a driver problem.

Restore to the restore point prior to the deletion and the wireless internet connection is back.

I downloaded the most recent drivers (network adapters, usb, etc). Installed them. Network still works. Remove VIRTURALBOX and the network is no longer present. Reinstall the newly downloaded drivers; reboot; Still the same result. IPCONFIG doesn't see the adapters and can't connect to the Wireless modem.

Restore the restore point and the internet is back, or I couldn't write this. I can live with the VIRTUALBOX installed (not my preference), but I don't know what other parts may be broken because of it. I would like to remove it without having to spend days doing a wipe, new install, configuration, updates, and re-install of all programs.

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