Limited Access/connectivity

So I've been searching all over on this forum to see if I can find a solution to fixing my internet. I just received my new laptop a lenovo Ideapad y550 yesterday. I can't seem to connect to the wireless. It shows limited access. I also can not receive internet when I connect the LAN ethernet cable which I find odd. I am pretty computer illiterate so I would appreciate any advice.

I have D Link wireless router
Intel<R> Wifi Link 5100 AGN
Broadcom NetLink <TM> Gigabit Ethernet

I ran ipconfig /all and I don't understand a thing I need to do. I'll give whatever feedback necessary as I will be checking back to this forum occasionally throughout the day.

I believe all my drivers are up-to-date. There was a suggestion to get rid of a Bonjour service, but either I can't find it or I don't have it. Bottom line I have absolutely no idea what is the cause of why I don't have internet. I just need somebody to start pointing me in the right direction as reading suggestions all over the forum is just confusing me more :frown:


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is the wireless router near the computer?

Try this, ho to Start > Run,. and type cmd, Now type ping

My average is about 45ms,'

what is tours.

Try it both on wired and wireless.

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