Limited Connection!! Help! :( :(

Hey, I just recently upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium from Vista Home Premium... I had no network issues whatsoever with Vista, but ever since I've upgraded... my internet connection keeps dropping to 'limited connection' randomly, although a 'troubleshoot problems' will fix it, and it does.. everytime, I'm wondering if there is any permanent fix? because this is really annoying :mad:

Thanks in Advance, Talhah. :)


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You may need to manually specify the computer's IP address in the network device properties, prephaps there is a conflict with another PCs IP address.

First establish the IP address of the Router gateway, usually something like in my case (check the status on the network device properties to get this information), then make sure in the IPv4 properties to set that address as the gateway that match the information for your routers IP range. In my example pictures they show my Router as and my PC as, the last digit of 2 means mines the first physical address on the range, although that doesn't elivate its priority over other PCs on the range, and it can be any number range from 2-255. The main advantage of this manual Ip selection method is if you have a router firewall where you need to forward specific ports to specfic IP addresses rather than allowing the routers DHCP to automatically dump you on any Ip range spare.

ip.JPG ip2.JPG

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I'll try that, thanks. :)

That didn't work :| ..thanks, but are there any ideas what could be causing this? I notice that I'm not the first it's happened with either. lol

I'm guessing you're on a wireless network? The solution is probably as simple as updating to the latest driver for the wireless device.

I did all that, I updated via Windows Update and HP Update... it all comes back as 'Up to date' ... is there a specific site I need to go to? Sorry if I'm coming off as stupid or something, I'm just not very tech-savvy. lol


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is web access working with this limited message? or is it just locked to local only etc?

Yes, you should go to the device manufacturer's site to get the newest driver. Open device manager then extend the network section. It will tell you which it is then you can take things from there.

Hmm I did that, no problems so far.. it's been running good now for a few hours, thanks. :)

You're welcome. :)

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