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Well, I have a problem with my New Vista PC. For the first few months it would connect to the internet with no problem. Just recently, it stopped working with a message: "Limited Access". When I check the Network and Sharing Center, my router is an Unidentified Network and the access is Local only. Is there a way to solve this problem? My Laptop, and a few others work perfectly fine with the wireless router. Just my PC won't connect at all. I imputed the password correctly and all, but nothing seems to work. I even called the Tech Support guys, but he said he couldn't help with this problem.
Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

Here is my information:

Windows Vista
HP Pavilion Slimline s3300f PC
Wireless Router 2Wire


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Hi!! Have you checked if there is a new driver for NIC or firmware for the router? Some switches or routers may not be compatible with Vista. Upgrade firmware, disable the IPV6, re-configure......Vista incompatible issues Hope that helps, Celestra



What settings do you currently have in Network and Sharing Centre?

It sounds as though some setting must have changed, for the setup to stop working.



Thats just a regular problem with Vista. You must be connecting to an XP based network. I had that problem for months, and it would kick me off about every half hour when it would connect. What i did to fix it was, take out a bunch of the Network Updates, and then reconnected. After it is connected, go ahead and get all of the newest drives/updates, but never go back to the older versions of them. I havnt been kicked off a single time since, and i can connect to any of the local networks now.

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Um... How do I take out Network Updates?


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You might try this:

Go into your device manager(start search - device manager) and expand the network adapters select the relevant adapter's properties and select uninstall. Reboot the machine and return to your device manager under the adapter's properties select update driver and allow Vista to search for an updated driver.

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