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I have a zoom wireless-g ap+2 which is plugged into my at&t dsl modem. It is putting a signal out there but when I goto connect to it, it says limited connection and I cannot connect to the internet. I've connected to the signal with my iphone but the pc will not connect.

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Interesting dilemma, iPhone works pc doesn't.
What is the PC, laptop or desktop? Manufacturer, model name, model number?
Integrated wireless or add on card? Manufacturer, model name, model number, Rev#?
Has the wireless card ever worked? Does it work now, elsewhere? (Coffee shop, library, hot spots)
Do you have a wired option on the PC, if so does it seem to work OK?
Does device manager show any problem devices?
Consider adjusting and experimenting with the encryption/security of the AP, switch from wep to wpa or even try running it open if that's an option to test.
Make sure that you're getting proper IP addressing from the AP and that it is complete. Ip address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address(es). It would seem that since the iPhone works that all is well, but it wouldn't hurt to check and make sure.
Check the manufacturer for updated drivers for the wireless adapter and updated firmware releases for the AP.

EDIT: Review the documentation that came with the AP, especially any troubleshooting pages. Consider contacting Zoom to see if they maybe able to provide some additional help or phone
US tech support
(561) 997-9683
Mon-Fri 9 am to 11 pm Eastern Time
Saturday 9 to 5 eastern

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