Limited OS Functioning after Chkdsk


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I wanted to delete a folder in my documents but it was giving me an error which
I cannot remember exactly now, but after doing some research, most sites had
suggested that I run a Chkdsk. My computer successfully completed the Chkdsk,
but now my computer is in some sort of coma where it loads up fine, but after
logging in, there is no text whatsoever on the screen. On top of this the start
bar does not work and any explorer based functions are extremely large,
pixelated and absent text.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x32 on a 2009
Toshiba Satellite

In the last year of high school and don't have most of
my files backed up anywhere, silly of me I know, but never did I think this
would ever happen to me. I've learnt my lesson so any help would be profoundly
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Try booting into safe mode (F8) and running a system restore back to some date which predates the problem.