Limited Wireless Connectivity

On sunday I upgraded from Vista home premium to W7 home premium. Since then I have had nothing but problems. I sat on the phone with micosoft last night for more then two hours just for them to tell me they would refer me to a tier 3 tech and they will call me back tonight.

Here is the problem. Some of my programs connect to the internet, some do not. Here is the list:

Those that connect:
Foxsports widget/gadget
Windows Update (as long as it doesnt have to contact an outside website)

Those that do not connect:
NcSoft Launcher
Curse Client
Live Messenger

I dont have any sercurity software. I turned off all the firewall, and user account stuff. I check all the program permissions. Now this is where is gets a little strange. If I goto RUN, and search "internet explorer", and I use the on that says Internet Explorer (x64) I can get to a website, but if I use the IE icon that is pinned I cant.

I tried to connect to messenger and it fails. I click on troublshoot, and it fails the DNS. I opened a cmd prompt and:


I then tried to input all the IP, and DNS information manually, and I still have the same problem.

All while talking to my brother on Ventrillo, and getting update NHL scores.

If anyone has an idea I will give it a shot tonight when I get home. Thank you in advance for everyones help.

So after a little more digging, I tried to change the .net framework. That did not help. I googled Verizons DNS servers and tried to set the IPs my self and still a conflict. Then I noticed that every program that will not connect to the internet is 32b, where as every program that will is 64b. I even tested this with IE8. I have both versions 32b, and 64b. I check the task manager and the processes that were running. Everything that is 32 bit is noted with a *32 and the end of its name. Although I did not check live messenger at the time, every program noted with a *32 was not connected to the internet.

So I have two other possible solutions that I dont know how to check/change. How do I find out if a communication port is blocked, and what is the the process/file for the 32 bit emulator in windows 7?



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I do not know about the international functions / and features of Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.

In Europe there is no XP-Support (32 Bit support) available with this package. The smalest version, that supports this compatibility in Europe is Win 7 Professional.


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If you look in system tools, there is an IE with no add-ons, have you tried that?

Have your run IE in unprotected mode or do you show any warning icons on the bottom when you try to go to sites?

Have you tried the compatibility mode for some sites?

Does IE show any sites listed in the Restricted sites category?

Have you tried turning off the pop-up blocker, or allow more cookies?

I ran IE with, and w/o addons. Just in case for some reason it did not turn them off I manuelly turned them off in the control panel. What I assume is the 32bit programs are blocked from verifing, or acquiring a DNS. That is the error I get when I try to troubleshoot Live Messenger. I will try to take some screen shots tonight if I have the time

I fixed the probelm. In another thread on the networking section someone fixed it by doing a custom install. I did a custom install on top of the current windows 7 install. essentially creating a clean install with the windows.old file to reactivate files from.

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