Limted/no Browsing with internet connection Windows 7 Upgrade

Hello. I have spent that last couple of hours looking through the threads and didn't find one that met my particular issue. I am running Windows 7
Upgrade on a Dell Inspiron desktop. As of Thursday, June 16 after Windows Update and McAfee Update, I have had difficulty browsing the internet, alhtough I have internet connection. After hours of phone conversation with Dell and my IP, hours more of online chat, I am still not satisified anything has been corrected. I am currently connected to the internet through problem computer. Wired, DSL. I replaced phone and ethernet cable. Dell support basically useless as they want big bucks to fix problem and I can barely understand them. My IP spent 6.5 remotely accessing computer, eventually giving up, claiming that they had met their match. I have done two clean installs, but after Windows update, the problem returns. I clean installed a third time this afternoon. Downloaded MSE, updated and that went without incident. I have been browsing and researching this issue at many sites and forums, this evening. I hesitate to update Windows further, as I have finally returnd successfully to the internet. McAfee is not currently installed. I have of intention of installing it. I'll give MSE a try. Can anyone provide possible answers to what is causing the conflict (if that is what it can be called) with browsing after Window 7 update? The modem disconnected occasionally, but according to my IP is working properly. Computer appears to operate fine otherwise, just the browsing. And, apparently, from my research, I am definately not the only one with the problem. And, I am confident after three clean installs that the problems lies with Windows 7. No clear solution yet. Hope for one soon.


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I use only the built in MS firewall and MSSE AV for protection and I've had no problems so I'd stick with them. The time you've spent with Dell and your service provider would suggest there is no obvious quick analysis of your problem. I'd consider getting a copy of Acronis True Image and making a full backup image of your op sys every time any changes/updates are to be made on your system. I and when the problem occurs it would point to the culprit and the imaging would enable you to backtrack with a full image restore in a matter of minutes as opposed to the hours for a full reinstall. You can get a full working trial of True Image from here:

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Thanks for the info. Will create full backup of system, etc. Will look into Acronis True Image. Anyone, like me until now, who hasn't created a backup image of your system, do so now. When and if you experience issues such as I have for the past eleven days, the stress level and time spent on trying to troubleshoot the issue will be greatly reduced! Great forum!

O.K. After the third clean install of Windows 7, everything appeared to work perfectly fine until I allowed Windows Update to update. After that, the computer went right back to where it has been for eleven days. I did a sytem image disc and had to reinstall that to get back on to browsing. Any suggestions at all? I have tried everything offered at this forum and others, but to no avail. How secure would it be to run Windows 7 without the updates? Suppose I could go back to Vista? Not sure if the system would allow me to install an older version of Windows since I used the upgrade. Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll continue trying to figure this one out.

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