Line Feeds in replies not holding.


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I have noticed some strange behavior in the replies window ever since the update. This one seems that paragraphs will not stay but the line feeds are removed making for one large paragraph.Other things are an inablility to move the cursor to make changes in text.Both of these things seem to be related to the ability to change the size of the reply window, since doing so will allow for cursor placement and paragraph separation. Possibly it is related to the Auto-Save feature.I am currently using IE 9, but I believe I have seen some of this in Firefox also.

Edit: I entered this post as 4 paragraphs originally


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Thank you for your message. I believe that the problem may be somewhat resolved. In an effort to fully resolve the issue, please let me know if you encounter it again by replying to this thread.



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I,m just trying this out

I had not noticed anything (back here with the cursor to make a change) odd but here goes.

Now I am writing the third para

And now to save and see the result

After. OK for me??