Line-in is laggy

Hi, i want to input a device in line-in, and i used 'listen to this device' but that causes a 0,5sec lag.
I've read that if you up the volume under Speaker Properties=> levels tab you don't have to use the 'listen' option
and the lag goes away.

However, when i check my options there is nothing below my speaker properties - level tab just the speakers itself.
I'm using an Asus P5N32-E SLI but they do not have any win7 drivers so i'm stuck with the standard windows drivers.

PS:everything works fine my audio works like it supposed to be but i wan't to listen to my line-in without delay, preferably with the line-in option under my Speaker Properties, if not possible then any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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The ASUS site does have drivers for Vista 32 and 64..tried those?

What is playing that you can tell a delay is involved. It seems I remember the delay is caused by running the sound in and back out and in again. Maybe explaining your exact setup would help.

I have tried those but it gave me a bluecreen AND the iconspeaker in the bottom right had a red cross over it meaning it could not play.

If i let windows install it everything is fine, but like the picture above no playback devices are listed below my speaker options.

I'm using a dj-setup, i have tested it with my mixtable and with my CDJ200 seperated and both have delays.
But it's caused by the 'listen to this device' when i select my line-in but that's normal apparently.

However there is a fix where i should turn on the volume of my line-in under the speaker options of picture 1,
under the level tab there should be mic, line-in and such. like in this picture below, i would like such options.
But i can't figure out how.

Thanks in advance.


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If you look in the Recording devices window and right click and select "Show Disabled Devices" do you show something like a "Stereo Mix" device?

Do you have more than one line in port, and if so, does it make a difference?

I have no experience with your DJ devices, so perhaps someone else will have better info.

No it does not have 'stereo mix', this did show up if i installed Soundmax drivers wich caused the bluescreen, but the 'stereo mix' did not work..

As you can see the lin-in works perfectly cause it recieves the sound.

And if i go the properties of my line in and do 'listen to this device' it comes out of my speakers but with a delay.
This is well known and not fixable so people say you can fix that by turning the volume up under the speaker options -> levels -> line-in, this would make my line-in go live, but there is no list there on my computer.

On Vista there is a registry editor fix with 'EnableInputMonitor' you have to put on value 1 but in windows 7 i can't find anything related to the 'EnableInputMonitor' so i'm stuck =/...

Thanks in advance.


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I suppose the only other thing I might even mention is that there are some settings that seem to combine inputs like Microphone and line in. Perhaps you might see something that would allow them to be looked at as separate inputs.

It is hard to find certain settings if a device is not plugged into the system for which to edit settings.

As you can see from the attachment, my settings show differently from yours. Probably because of the drivers.

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