Line In Jack Not Detected.

I'm having an issue with the audio options found with Windows 7.

I am using the on board audio sound chip for my PC, after ditching my Creative card due to there many driver issues.

Anyway the issue is as follows, I allow the default Windows 7 HD Audio Driver to download, when clicking on properties for Speakers, all the jacks are detected for my speakers, but when clicking on the recording options only the Mic jack is detected and not the Line In Jack.

I did download the actual driver for my sound chip from the Dell's website, a Sigmatel Driver, but when this was installed, none of the speaker jacks were detected and I could only get 2.0 sound out of my 5.1 speakers, no option for 5.1 was available at all as the jacks weren't detected.

All I'm trying to do is to get the Line In Enabled on my sound chip using the default drivers as I have a cable box hooked up to the line in, but no option is available for Line. :confused:

I must say, I don't like the new sound options in Windows 7, and prefer the older version found in XP an previous versions of Windows. :frown:

Any help would be appreciated.


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Could you give us the exact make an model of your sound card?

Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

Then click Edit Your Details.

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

Its a Dell XPS 400

On Board Sound sigmatel stac 92xx c-major hd audio, at least that is the driver that Dell is asking me to download.

PCI Audio Card: X Fi Xtreme Music by Creative.

The main issue with the X Fi card is that Creative inability to create stable drivers has finally caused me to not want to use the damn thing anymore. When I can't listen to MP3s while doing the simplest of tasks with concern of having severe popping and crackling not to mention all of sudden severe feedback going through all my speakers and then the sound just cutting out completely.

This has been an issue with Windows 7 and the X Fi branch of Creative Cards, since the Beta version of Windows. I'm still using the RC, but this is an issue with Creative on there end as far as the whole issue of sound loss and popping and crackling. They did have a beta driver program recently, but now you can't get this beta driver and they are stating that you now must wait for them to release the finalized driver. I know this much, I'm never buying another Creative product ever again.

I have no issues with this with the onboard audio, only the X Fi card, the only issue with the onboard sound is the whole Line in Jack not being detected with the Window's Default HD Audio Drivers, while with the supplied drivers from Dell, no jacks are being detected for speakers and I'm stuck with 2.0 audio.

Shrugs, I think I might just save myself the headache and unhook the speakers from the back of my PC when I went to listen to the cable and hook these up through the Logitech peripheral I was giving to connect such Stereo sources.

Other Specs of my machine:
Pentium D 2.8 ghz
2 Gigs of Ram
9600 GT Video Card 512 MB

Edit: Also, I spent almost 2-3 hours last night scouring the web and sites to try to resolve this issue, not to mention my own testing and fooling around with matters to try to get this issue resolved and fixed before posting. I only posted when I exhausted my own troubleshooting measures.

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All I might say is Windows 7 seems to only want to use HD audio drivers. There may be a legacy type driver for your system available. I did not see, but did you say you had loaded the chipset drivers for your system?

I gave up on Creative when my Earlier sound card would not work correctly, but I thougt I saw where folks were getting the X-Fi cards to work.

What is interesting is this issue of the Snapping Popping just recently returned with X-Fi, the sound all of a sudden cutting out has always been an issue.

Yes, I went to Dell's Website and downloaded and installed the drivers for my sound via that method for the on board audio. The issue when it comes to these is that my Line In is actually detected, but its not picking up on the fact that I have 7.1 sound available to me, using 5.1, and with all the speaker wire properly inserted into there proper slots. Thus, I'm only able to apply Stereo Sound, and not 5.1 sound.

I think also one if the issues is that apparently my 7.1 speaker input and Mic input share the same technical slot, on the back of my machine this is a Grey/Pink, then my Line In is the normal Blue color. So perhaps that is where the problem lies is in this issue with the Jacks and the Default HD Audio Drivers provided by Windows.

There is also a mic jack on the front of the machine as well as a headphones jack. The Headphones jack seems to be appropriately detected. Here goes some screen shots of the input detections.



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It would seem logical to change the microphone to the front plug, have you tried that.

If you right click on the recording devices page and choose "show disabled devices" does it make any difference?

I don't suppose you have a digital input to your audio system so you could choose the SPDIF out connection?

When I stated I exhausted all options and looked and searched at several sites I meant it, I'm pretty good at troubleshooting and as such please refrain from suggesting such simple solutions. As I have most likely tried them or seen them suggested.


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I have a 8500 GT andmy proerties do not look like yours at aall.

Do you have SPDIF out on your catrd?

BTw . it's an X-Fi Exteme 7,.1 channel

I have a 8500 GT andmy proerties do not look like yours at aall.

Do you have SPDIF out on your catrd?

BTw . it's an X-Fi Exteme 7,.1 channel
Sigh. Did you even bother to read any of my posts, I have removed the X Fi card and am now just going with the on bard sound. I am trying to get the line in working on that and its not showing up. That is what the pics are from. If I had an SPDIF input with the onboard sound one would think that would show up, or logically since I've stated now for the third time that I've exhausted all my options and hence came here to post.

The reason I posted here was in attempt to actually get a tech guy to hopefully respond or at least somebody with some more technical know how, not get a response by somebody who seems to be more interested in showing pictures of his car in his signature.

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