Windows 7 Linksys 300n belkin dir-615 LIMITED ACCESS ONLY


I've been using Windows 7 since january and have had off and on wireless problems. I recently put build 7057 on my computer and now I cannot connect to the internet at all. My wireless card (linksys wusb300n) has vista drivers and I just upgraded my D-link (dir-615) router's firmware.

I have an XP computer that is directly connected to the router. My wireless card and router are both rated for Vista, I'm not sure what else I can do. My wireless card can see my network fine and connect with limited connectivity. I'm using WPA2 security. I don't really get any error messages other than the generic "cannot connect". Any ideas would be appreciated, I really don't want to have to go back to Vista just for the internet. Thanks!

(also, I have a Wii that is connected wirelessly)
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1 Are you running 64 bit version of W7.
2) Was your VISTA running 64 bit version

Some (usually wired) but problems with some wireless cards appear as well LAN cards just DON'T work with W7 even though the drivers says installed fine and show no essor in the device manager.

I haven't for example been able to get my laptop Via Velocity family gigabit ethrenet card to work on either VISTA 64 bit or W7 64 bit although it worked fine on all the X-86 versions. It DID work on Windows XP PRO 64 bit.

The usual registry hacks / IPV6 fixes just don't work (and it's NOT your router -- I've tried my card with around 5 or 6 Routers -- all different with the same result). It ALWAYS has the Limited connectivity.

Some cards just WON'T work with the current builds of W7 (at least up to 7057) -- I'm however glad that my problem card is the built in LAN rather than wireless as that WOULD be a problem with a laptop.

Hi, thanks for responding. I'm running 32 bit and my vista was 32 bit as well. What registry hacks do you know? I am very new to all this. Thanks

I installed the Linksys software that came bundled with the vista drivers, it appeared to install fine and my internet began working for a good 6 hours. The weird thing is, there is no sign of the linksys software on my computer but something magical apparently happened when I installed it because I was able to connect! Now it is off and on and I have repair the connection every once and a while to get the internet back up.

Hopefully I can test out the 7068 build that was just leaked and report back on any wireless fixes.

So, if you are having issues connecting your Linksys wireless adapter, try installing the Linksys utility (even if you're unable to find/run the utility after installing). Good luck.
About LINKSYS WRT 300n

Hi there,

I have a LINKSYS WRT 300n, But have the same problem with limted acces to the internet, when I connect via the wire. Do you have to install drivers for connect to the internet ??
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My router is not linksys, but I didn't have to install any drivers for it, my issues were with my usb wireless card. Have you tried bypassing your router and connecting directly to the modem? Some things I would try:

1. Make sure you router's time & date is synced correctly with your computer's.
2. If you are using version 1.0 or 1.1 of the WRT300N, download drivers and update the firmware
3. Try doing a fresh install of the latest version of Windows 7 (7600 1685 RTM).

It would be helpful if you could give us more background (i.e. what have you tried, what caused the problem, have you ever been able to connect, what version of 7 are you using, etc?)
Here are the info

Well let mee explain, I am beginner in a wireless connections.
The router I did get from my friend he do not need it any more, but he hasnt the setup cd anymore. I have tested the linksys on my xp proff fully updated "Compaq desktop en" computer if it is working with cables, and yes it is working, I thought I needed a driver, but I do not need a driver for my model. I planning to use my lynksys router for my Dell dimension 8400 with win 7 RC, so I was testing it. Now you did found my lynksys model at linksys homepage, and as you see they do not have any driver for download, but they write in the manual that there is a setup cd, but you can also connect to the wireless connection throu this adress : default IP address,, in the Address field . Here you can configure your wireless connection without the setup cd.
I have a setup cd for the WRT 54g model and I did read somewhere that you can use that one and then upgrade. This I do not know if it is functioning.

Thats it, let mee know if it is wrong. Thanks for the answer:)
There are drivers for versions 1.0 and 1.1 for your model, if you have version 2.0 then no there is not a driver for your router, you can select your version number in the drop down menu on the linksys website.
What wireless adapter are you using on your computer?
Have you checked the date and time on your router to make sure it was accurate?
Try calling linksys, they sent me an updated driver that wasn't available on the website.
Thanks for the advice

Thank you, I am using version 2 of Linksys, so as you write I do not need any driver, For the wireless connection I do not have any hardware jet, I think I choise the standart ones, I think they cost around 40 us dollar.
About the date in the router I do not know how to do that
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Just to add information. The dlink 615 works but to configure it is not so easy when using windows 7 on the notebook.
I found the right configuration on
After following the steps the connection got stabled.