Linksys driver for wusb600n win 7 download

Doesn't work. For clarity, I was using a WUSB600N Wireless-N USB Adapter version 2 (which is what the driver is meant for). I'm running Windows 7 RC. Drivers install successfully but you can't see any wireless networks. Reverted to Vista which allows me to at least SEE wireless networks... however, I cannot connect.

You will not find any Windows 7 drivers for CISCO/Linksys devices - their not sure if or when they willl get around to it.

Simply put CISCO /Linksys SUCKS! I have WPC 300N -no Firmware update, No updated drivers since 2007- even though I bought this two weeks ago. How can a company put a product on the market and not support it - These guys are the Chrysler/GM of the network business - Flaky Drivers, Flaky Firmware, Flaky support! They took over a perfectly good company and then messed it up. Geez Louis - Windows 7 has been on the market over a week and Windows 7 RC has been out since May and they still don't have their act together. I've had no problems with Lenovo, DLink, Buffalo, Netgear or Trendnet but these guys are giving us a heart attack! We have over 36,000 users in my company and no problems with Lenovo, DLink, Buffalo, Netgear or Trendnet but when it comes to Linksys the systems are always have a problem. My buddy who runs an major network of an entertainment company wouldn't touch a Linksys with a 1000 foot pole after all the problems he had with them since CISCO tool over.

Go to Linksyscisco website and do a search for Windows 7 drivers - you'll get 1680 returned references - none of which has anything to do with the search. It's time to give these guys the BOOOOOOT- until they put the "customer" back in "service" and start issuing some real support. CISCO -Get your act together -give us our firmware and drivers or get out of the business - I'm tired of trying to make lemonade from CISCO lemons!

One other thing be careful - Windows 7 updates wants to run an update for "Broadcom Driver" for Linksys devices. Once its loaded you cannot connect to the internet and even if you uninstall and reinstall the old driver you will connect but get dropped every 2 minutes. Broadcom has not perfected the driver for many Linksys (broadcom based) devices.

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Linksys and Windows 7 64 drivers for wireless USB adapters

Also VERY bad experiecne with Linksys, they recommend the Wusb600n, bought product (stupid) and guess what its only the v2 that works....and they cant even tell me with all the ref nbrs whether the 600n I have is a v2 or not!

Now spent 2 weeks trying to sort calls or emails returned...I guess they know they cannot help anyway.

Complete shower now gogn to trry TP-Link loeast for theier website they admit whcihof their adapters do not work and promise nothing.

Good bye Linksys RIP:mad:

**NEW** Link to 64+32 bit Linksys WUSB600n v2 Windows 7 Adapter

Hey Guys,

I feel your pain!! I actually am a Mac owner but I know I can still help out the less fortunate!! Just click on the link provided and you are set... One click file hosting

Thank you, that was useful. Just registered to tell others your file (drivers) work!

Greetz, mckayser :redface:

It worked for me too. I just got that very small Acer toy model 3610 with Atom330+ion and no room for anything more inside, maybe not even air. My 20th computer or so, first one I didn't build myself. It has internal wireless adapter but I wanted better connection (neighbor is letting me use his). So since I had already gotten the WUSB600N, I just plugged it in with an "active" usb2 extender. Worked better, even using the RAlink drivers. But needed physical reconnect into the extender everytime the Acer woke up from sleep. So I got this driver, installed it, better signal and have yet to test the sleep/wake cycle's effect. But certainly not worse in operation. Now I gotta figure out how to get this 64bit OS OFF this 2GB ram computer, wot were they thinking??? Oh yes, ms gives even bigger discount to oems for their 64bit mass-install.
Anyway... THANK YOU to bwb22.

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