Linksys networking problems

Since I started to run Windows 7 I have been having trouble connecting to a linksys network. So far my only solution has been using it as a wired connection. The only connection I can work easily is DMax (Internet Provider from Puerto Rico) and their wireless routers.

Is there anyone else having this problem?
Those anyone know is there's an update coming up for this?

If anyone has been able to connect wirelessly to a linksys network please let me know how you did it :eek:

Thank you :D

i am also having the same problem with my linksys ultra n range plus usb. it wont connect to my router:frown: which is also a linksys.....


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The linksys using wep?, or wpa encryption?


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I could help if I knew what kind of router and is your system 32 bit or 64?


yea well i finally cracked my problem, i dont no where but i found a driver online for linksys wusb600n when there was supposed be none and it worked... i cant tell u how happy i am right now lol i even called linksys and they told me it wouldent work w. windows 7 but it did ill post the link when i find it online agian

@ Zigzag - I have a WEP connection that seems to be running alright, the one I was trying to connect it was a WPA changed it to WEP and nothing now at my house my connection it's WEP but doesn't work :s (unless I'm wired), I'm running a 32bit.

@ Mass - Gonna try that see what happens.

So far this is the most frustrating thing I'm having with Win7

one more thing, to install update ur drivers for the wusb600n and browse for the file, forgot to mention that

Alright actually I was checking for new updates there a network update gonna try with that to see if that somewhat fixes the problem, but I don't know if the link is gonna be any useful since my friends router is not that model :s

its for the net adapter

Yeah well so far the update they had didn't work... and I tried connecting again to my home connection but it says that is not secure enough to connect to it >.> I changed the settings and nothing, so far it seems I'm stuck with the wire.

On Friday or Saturday last week I was told that drivers for Linksys WUSB600N adapter would be available in 5 or 6 days. I am assuming that this may also be true for Linksys WRT160N.
Can anybody confirm either or both statements or shed any further light on them?

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