Windows 7 Linksys Print Server Not Working


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I have a Linksys EPSX3 Print Server and a Brother Laser printer and I configured it like I use it on Vista but it doesn't work. Has anyone successfully used a Linksys Print Server on 7? I am using a laptop wireless connected to a Linksys Broadband Router with the Print Server connected to the Router. It's the only thing I don't have working on 7.:(

***** Fixed ********

1. Add local printer
2. Standard TCPIP
3. Enter IP address
4. When it can't find device, select Print Server & 2 parallel ports even though it has 3 since 3 wasn't listed.
5. Remaining prompts are self explanatory.

- Not sure about the Print Server name I selected but it was the most generic one on the list. -
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