Windows 7 Linksys Wireless Issue


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Feb 7, 2009
I have the WUSB54G Wireless "card" from linksys. I installed it and my system recognizes it in the manage section under my computer..

Whenever I select the network I want to join, It says its connecting, Then it says, Cannot connect to X Wireless. We have also tried with my friends Belkin wireless "card" trying to get it to work and it does the same thing.

Anyway to make the wireless connect to the network?
I have a linksys WUSB54G and had the same exact problem you are having. Everything installed correctly but i could not connect to any of my networks. I diagnosed the damn thing down to a driver issue. Unfortunately the only drivers they have at present are for windows XP and they dont work correctly. I am sorry.
Hey guys...

separate issue for me but I wonder if they're linked. Just try going into network properties and unchecking IP v6, see if theat helps.

ip v 6 was knocking out the wireless function of wrt54g routers. Maybe its screwing with you.
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Just tried it and still no good :( It tries to connect and then just says it was unable to.. Grr

Got it working, Had to go into router setup and then allow it to accept anonymous connections. Thanks everyone ;)

Good job on windows 7, Its really nice :p
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Haha ok i see what your saying there. IT must be sending out an anonymous signal which indicates a weakness in the driver. I never thought of that.
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